Rose Island Panorama   Republic of Rose Island
  Print Monopoly (PM) 2009-2018 HMRD Cesidio Tallini (050001)
  Wednesday, 1 July 2009

At 9:15 pm at the Corte degli Agostiniani of the City of Rimini

There shall be the presentation of the New Documentary of about one hour about the adventure of the Engineer Giorgio Rosa
and his Island, a film production put together by a cinematographic group of the town of Santarcangelo di Romagna:

Title of the Documentary:
  Insulo de la Rozoj — la libertà fa paura

Historical Background

The artificial island of Rose Island declared its independence on 24 June 1968, under the Esperanto name of Insulo de la Rozoj, with Rosa as self-declared President (both the Esperanto word rozo and the Italian word rosa mean 'rose').

The Italian government's response was swift and heavy-handed: a group of four carabinieri and tax inspectors landed on the "Island of the Roses" and assumed control.

The platform's Government Council is said to have sent a telegram, in all likelihood to the Italian government, to protest the "violation of its sovereignty and the injury inflicted on local tourism by the military occupation", but this was ignored.

Soon afterwards the Italian Navy used explosives to destroy the facility, an act later portrayed on postage stamps issued by Rosa's "Government in exile".